Vent Masters Loft Ventilation

Vent Masters sells several different types of loft ventilation components, including:

  • Soffit vents
    • Attic exhaust fans
    • Gable vents

What are Soffit Vents?

The purpose of soffit vents is to give fresh air a way to enter a loft. This type of vent actually covers a roof’s soffits, which are the areas where it hangs over a wall. The vents that cover these areas come in rectangular shapes of different sizes. Thanks to their design, you won’t have to worry about insects being able to get through these vents and into your loft.

Vent Masters offers six different soffit vents. Their 4x6 brown vent costs $1.80, while the same size in white costs $2.29. Their brown 6x16 vent costs $2.06, while the white one is $2.10. For their 8x16 soffit vents, the brown model is $2.10 and the white costs $2.23. While this type of vent doesn’t cost much, they are a very effective way to bring outdoor air into your loft.

What Types of Attic Exhaust Fans Does Vent Masters Offer?

Vent Masters sells four different attic exhaust fans. If you need a fan that can be mounted on a gable, their AFG ES-1500 model is a perfect choice. With a price tag of $295, this fan is affordable and easy to install on the inside of a gable vent. If your loft is located in your garage, the Quiet Cool GA-1000 can ensure that it is properly ventilated. Thanks to its thermostat and reliable exhaust features, this fan is a great value for $395. Their other two garage loft fans are the GA-1500 and GA ES-1500. The former retails for $425, while the latter has a price tag of $500.

The main difference between these two models and the Quiet Cool GA-1000 is the former are designed to ventilate larger spaces. And the key feature that sets the GA ES-1500 apart from the GA-1500 is its brushless motor, which helps to reduce the amount of energy it consumes. In addition to their attic exhaust fans, Vent Masters also sells twenty different whole house fans and two fans that are designed for garages that don’t feature a loft.

How are Gable Vents Used?

This type of vent is placed at the end of an attic. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that a gable vent can be used as an intake or exhaust. The factor that determines how a gable vent is used is the direction that the wind is blowing. However, the one caveat to using them as an exhaust vent is they have to be implemented in conjunction with soffit vents. Vent Masters has four different sizes of gable vents. Their 12x12 vent can be made from either aluminum or steel. Their steel 12x18 vent costs $14.50, while a steel 14x18 vent has a price tag of $16. And for their 14x24 model, each one of these steel vents costs $20.50.


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