Glidevale Loft Ventilation

Glidevale is regularly recognized as one of the leading authorities in the field of roof ventilation. Not only do they offer a wide selection of quality products, but they have always been committed to focusing on innovative products that provide the most efficient ventilation possible.

How Important is Loft Ventilation?

Any structure that has a loft needs to be well-ventilated. The reason there’s no debate about this subject is because of the number of problems that can arise if a space doesn’t have the amount of ventilation that it needs. While it’s easy to assume that the heat that builds up in an unventilated loft is a simple inconvenience, it can actually create large amounts of pressure that can be damaging to a building. Additionally, if moisture accumulates because of a lack of ventilation, it’s likely that mold will begin growing in this area.

Glidevale Roof Ventilation

Proper roof ventilation is key to making sure that air is able to freely flow in and out of a loft area. If this goal isn’t accomplished, heat can build up in this space and cause everything from moisture accumulation to structural damage that results from increased pressure levels. Glidevale offers products that are able to ventilate eaves, ridge or through roofs. Their products for eaves include:

  • Rafter trays
    • Soffit ventilators
    • Overfascia ventilators

The rafter trays can ensure that air has a clear path to follow as it flows through a loft. The reason this is so important is because a common ventilation issue results from insulation blocking the path where air is supposed to go. As a result, even though ventilation measures are in place, a space may still fall short of the requirements that it is supposed to meet. With soffit ventilators, it’s possible to match their color to that of existing soffits. That feature allows ventilation to be handled in a visually appealing manner. What’s nice about overfascia ventilators is not only are they extremely durable, but they are also very easy to install. An added benefit of this ventilation method is that it’s very unobtrusive.

What is Lightweight Flashing?

Although you want to allow air to flow in and out of a loft space, that doesn’t mean you want other outdoor elements to do the same. In order to prevent rain and other elements from entering a building and causing damage, it’s important to create a protective layer around a building. One way to do that is by using the Aluflash lightweight flashing that’s offered by Glidevale.

Because it does weigh so little, it’s very easy to handle this type of flashing. Thanks to its non-toxic composition, Aluflash is able to provide top notch performance while still being environmentally friendly. Regardless of where it needs to be applied, you can count on this lightweight flashing to properly adapt to the shape of a roof. As a result, it can provide exactly the type of protection that you need.


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