Attic Breeze Loft Ventilation

Attic Breeze is a loft ventilation company that specializes in solar powered ventilation. Whether you need to ventilate your home’s loft or are looking for a way to ventilate a commercial space that you own, Attic Breeze is a dependable company that offers products that will simultaneously help you and the environment.

What Makes the Products Offered by Attic Breeze Unique?

Properly ventilating your loft will ensure that your home or commercial building remains in good shape. During the hot months of the year, this type of ventilation will prevent heat from accumulating in this space. Throughout the colder months, loft ventilation is the best way to prevent moisture accumulation and subsequent mold growth. Because it will keep your home at a more consistent temperature, simply ventilating your loft is an excellent way to increase your house’s energy efficiency.

However, since Attic Breeze offers solutions that harness solar energy, you will end up with a ventilation system that is even more efficient. Thanks to the fact that Attic Breeze only uses high quality materials to create their fans, you won’t have to worry about them prematurely wearing out or breaking down. The company’s commitment to quality also means that their products will even hold up in areas that are known for their high wind speeds. Another reason that so many people choose Attic Breeze for their ventilation needs is because the company’s products come in a wide range of sizes and colors.

What Solar Fans Does Attic Breeze Offer?

Attic Breeze offers four different solar fan models. They are the:

  • 20 watt Zephyr
    • 25 watt Zephyr
    • 40 watt Grande
    • 60 watt Grande

All four models are available in several different colors, including terra cotta, white, gray, brown or black. The two Zephyr models feature a lifetime residential warranty, while the Grande models are backed for a full 25 years. A 20 watt Zephyr fan can fully ventilate a 2,100 square foot loft, while the performance of the 25 watt model is fully rated up to 2,500 square feet. The 40 watt Grande is designed for lofts that are up to 2,900 square feet in size, while the 60 watt model is capable of ventilating a 3,300 square foot loft. The Zephyr models cost between $500 and $600, while the Grande models are in the $750 to $850 price range.

What is UltraFlo?

UltraFlo is the exclusive technology that makes Attic Breeze’s solar fans superior to those offered by their competitors. The reason this feature is so important is because it means that the Zephyr and Grande models have the best conversion efficiency on the market. Not only does this technology make the fans sold by Attic Breeze extremely efficient, but it also means that they don’t make lots of noise. As if that wasn’t enough, this technology ensures that air is pulled out of a loft in a specific manner that keeps pressure from building up and causing structural issues.


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