Sears Loft Ventilation

If you have a loft in your home, it’s very important that this space is fully ventilated. Once you learn more about what can happen if your loft isn’t ventilated, you will be able to get the components you need for proper ventilation from Sears.

Why Do You Need to Ventilate Your Loft?

The main issues that can result from an unventilated loft are:

  • Warping
    • Roof damage
    • The growth and spread of mold

If your loft does not have the right type of ventilation, air inside of it will heat up. As this occurs, the air will rise and spread. However, because it won’t have anywhere to go, it will actually create pressure that pushes against the structural components of your loft. Over the course of time, this continuous pressure can cause costly damage. Not only is this true for interior elements of your home, but it can also happen with your roof. As a result of this pressure, the lifespan of your roof can be significantly shortened.

The other major issue that a lack of ventilation can cause is the accumulation of moisture. If your loft starts accumulating moisture, it will become the perfect location for mold to begin growing. Once even a small amount of mold begins growing, chances are it will continue to spread throughout other areas of your home. This can cause damage to your home, as well as lower the quality of your home’s air to the point where it’s irritating to breathe. And because mold’s growth patterns are so aggressive, it’s hard to fully rid your home of it unless you address the initial source of moisture.

Vented Soffits

Sears offers a wide selection of soffits that are already fully vented. The benefit of an item like the Bluelinx Bluelinx T4 is the fact that not only will it provide the ventilation your loft needs, but this exterior addition will complement your home’s existing look. That particular product sells for $12.79. Another option is a Canplas Inc soffit exhaust vent. For almost the exact same price as a T4, this white Sears product provides ventilation without requiring you to put any holes in your roof. Depending on the design of your home, another option that may work well is an aluminum soffit. Because this product is vented, it’s a great option for creating the functionality you need for less than $25.

Gable Vents

Gable vents are another type of vent that can be used as an intake or exhaust source. If you have a fairly large space in your loft to ventilate, you may want to consider the white 81214 vent from Sears. This 12x18 gable vent is made from high quality aluminum. For $90.15, you can purchase a pack of six of these vents. Another option is the Ventamatic exhaust ventilator that Sears sells. For $52.99, you can buy this ventilating fan and mount on it on a gable without needing to use any kind of special tools.


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