Service Magic Loft Ventilation

You can use Service Magic to find local contractors who have a good reputation. Regardless of what kind of home improvement project you need to complete, having a reliable contractor is one of the key components to ensuring that it goes as smoothly as possible. Additionally, working with a contractor who you know you can trust means you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off. One type of project that may require the help of a contractor is properly ventilating your loft. Although you can depend on Service Magic to connect you with a contractor who knows what they’re doing and will get the work done on schedule, it’s still worth taking time to learn why loft ventilation is important and how it works.

What Happens If a Loft Isn’t Ventilated?

A very big problem that can occur in a loft that isn’t ventilated is mold growth. To the surprise of many homeowners, this issue is at its worst during the winter months. The reason is this is the time of year when temperature differences are most likely to lead to moisture accumulation. However, that doesn’t mean that unventilated lofts don’t have problems during the summer months. When it’s hot outside, a loft with no ventilation will be even hotter. This can lead to multiple problems caused by excessive amounts of pressure.

How Does Loft Ventilation Work?

The goal of loft ventilation is to bring fresh air into this space and allow existing air to exit. This goal can be accomplished by using multiple vents, including:

  • Gable
    • Soffit
    • Ridge

The reason that ventilation is usually done with more than one type of vent is because creating this flow of air through a loft requires an intake and exhaust source. While it is possible to only use one vent type, most experts agree that the best results generally come from combining more than one style of vent. For example, many homes already have gable vents. However, that doesn’t mean their lofts are properly ventilated. By adding soffit vents and using those in conjunction with a ridge vent, enough ventilation can be created to avoid problems with excess heat and moisture accumulation.

What Will a Service Magic Contractor Do?

Once you enlist the help of a contractor who you connected with through Service Magic, the first thing they will do is survey your loft. Inspecting this area will allow them to determine the best way to ventilate it. Additionally, the contractor will need to measure the size of your loft so that they know how much ventilation will need to be created. Although there are exceptions, the general rule is that for every 300 square feet of loft space, 1 square foot of ventilation needs to be added. After they determine exactly what needs to be done, they will set a budget and timeline for the project. Since you chose to find them via Service Magic, you won’t have to worry about them straying from the quotes they give you for the project.


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