Senergy Now Loft Ventilation

Through its Sustainable Energy Solutions website, Senergy Now provides a product that makes it possible to use solar energy to ventilate your loft. If you’re wondering why you should care about loft ventilation, the answer is that when this space is unventilated, it can have issues with high levels of heat and moisture. Both of those issues can lead to problems that cause significant damage to your home. Although no homeowner wants to deal with the cost and stress of making major repairs, the good news is you can avoid those problems by properly ventilating your loft space.

What is the Solaro Aire?

The Solaro Aire is a loft ventilation unit that is powered by solar energy. Although it’s a fairly compact device, its advanced design means that it’s capable of ventilating lofts that are up to 1,500 square feet in size. The ventilator is useful throughout the course of the year. When it’s hot outside, the Solaro Aire will ensure that excessive amounts of heat don’t build up inside of your loft. And during the winter, it will prevent moisture from accumulating in this space. Additionally, because it runs on solar energy, it provides all of these benefits while actually reducing the amount of energy that your home uses each month.

What are the Main Features of the Solaro Aire?

Notable features of the Solaro Aire include its:

  • Curved design
    • Quality aluminum construction
    • Multiple fan style options

While the fact that this unit features curves may not seem very significant, the reason this is actually a big deal is because the curves are modeled after the exhaust and intake designs of jets. As a result, the Solaro Aire is able to maximize efficiency and minimize sound. Because this ventilation device is made from high quality aluminum, you can count on it working just as well in ten years as it does on the day it’s installed. Regardless of the outdoor conditions it faces, the Solaro Aire will have no problem withstanding them. And because it’s available with several different fan styles, you can count on the specific model you choose to be a perfect fit for the design of your roof.

How Much Does the Solaro Aire Cost?

Senergy Now sells their Solaro Aire unit for $574. While that may seem expensive, you have to keep in mind that this product is an investment that will provide long-term value. Once you add this unit to your loft, you will no longer have to worry about heat or moisture related problems that could easily cost thousands of dollars to repair. Another reason the Solaro Aire is a great value for its price is because of the impact it will have on your home’s energy consumption. Not only will the device itself not consume any additional energy, but because it will keep the temperature of your loft under control, you will reduce the amount of energy that your home uses on a monthly basis.


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