Lindab Ventilation

Lindab offers four categories of ventilation products. They are:

  • Acoustic solutions
    • Air duct systems
    • Airborne solutions
    • Waterborne solutions

Their acoustic solutions include multiple curved and rectangular products. Lindab air duct systems range from duct access solutions to roof hoods. The company’s airborne solutions include air valves, ceiling diffusers and fresh air valves. And their waterborne solutions offer useful options like active beams and cooling heating panels.

Acoustic Solutions

One issue with many ventilation installations is a lack of space. If there’s not enough space in the area you’re planning on ventilating, you may be concerned that you’re not going to be able to add a silencer to it. While this may be true for a straight one, the good news is Lindab offers several curved silencers. Not only does this type of silencer take up less space, but it actually provides better attenuation for frequencies at the higher end of the spectrum. Another type of acoustic ventilation solution that Lindab provides is their exhaust air terminal device. This combines a conical inlet with insulation. Since it’s made from galvanized steel, you can choose whether or not you want it painted.

Air Duct Systems

Lindab offers several types of duct access products. Their EKTL model is an access door that’s designed to be used in an insulated circular duct. This type of door can be locked through the use of hexagon bolts. The company’s EPFUI model is an end cap. It’s actually designed so it can be placed on the outside of an existing fitting. In addition to fastening materials, fire dampers, flexible ducting, and sealants, roof hoods are another popular product within this category.

While Lindab is far from being the only company that offers roof hoods, what makes their selection unique is the wide range of styles they offer. From a standard circular roof hood to several that feature an advanced dome design, the reason this selection is so useful is because it ensures that you will be able to find the right option for the specific type of building that you are ventilating.

Airborne and Waterborne Solutions

The two types of airborne solutions that building owners find to be the most useful are air valves and ceiling diffusers. What’s nice about the air valves that Lindab offers is because they come in a variety of sizes and styles, you will have no trouble finding ones that are easy to mount on your building’s ceiling. In terms of ceiling diffusers, their most common use is for exhaust.

Since most of Lindab’s diffusers are made with an aluminum grid, you can count on them functioning well even when they’re placed in very demanding conditions. Not only can they deal with challenging conditions, but they are also able to handle a large supply of air. By taking advantage of the quality products that Lindab offers, you can avoid problems like structural warping or mold growth that go along with having a space that isn’t properly ventilated.


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